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Akekho Ofana No Jesu (SATB divisi, Daniel Jackson)

Amazing Grace (TTBB, Robert T. Gibson)

Arirang (SATB, Hyo-Won Woo)

Ave Generosa (SATB) (SATB divisi, Ola Gjeilo, Hildegard von Bingen)

Beautiful Morning (SATB divisi, John Wykoff)

Behold the Lamb of God (SATB divisi, Fredrik Sixten)

Blessed Be that Maid Marie (SATB divisi, Susan LaBarr)

Caedmon's Hymn (SSAATTBB, Blake Wilson)

Cloud Pictures (Unison, Michael Hennagin)

Come, Travel with Me (SAB) (SATB, Scott Farthing)

Days of Beauty (SSAA) (SSAA with Piano and Optional String Quartet, Ola Gjeilo, Emily Bronte)

Den Dagen (SATB divisi, Fredrik Sixten)

Dona Nobis Pacem - SATB divisi (SATB divisi, Daniel Elder)

Dreamweaver - Vocal Score (SATB divisi, Charles Anthony Silvestri, Ola Gjeilo)

Ecce Novum (SATB) (SATB divisi with Piano and Optional String Quartet, Ola Gjeilo)

Eit barn er fodt i Bethlehem (SATB, Ørjan Matre)

Even When He Is Silent (TTBB) (Kim André Arnesen)

Every Time I Feel the Spirit (SATB divisi, Stacey Gibbs)

Floating Moon on the Water (SATB) (SATB, Wei-Pin Chen)

Floating Moon on the Water (SSAA) (SSAA, Wei-Pin Chen)

Flood the Gold Earth (SATB, George MacDonald, David von Kampen)

For the Future (SATB, Wendell Berry, Andrew Maxfield)

Gropen (SATB with fiddle, Gjermund Larsen)

Heart, We Will Forget Him (SA, Emily Dickinson, Michael Hennagin)

Hlohonolofatsa (SSAA) (SSAA with Percussion, Daniel Jackson)

Hold On (TTBB, Uzee Brown, Jr.)

I Dream a World (SATB, Connor J. Koppin, Langston Hughes)

I'll Tell My Ma (SSAA) (SSAA, Erik Reid Jones)

I'm Building Me a Home (SATB, Anthony Trecek-King)

If You Want to Go A-Courtin' (TTBB, Dirk Johnson)

Illumina (SATB divisi, Patrick Hawes)

Jerusalem (SSAATTBB) (SSAATTBB, Kenneth Lampl, Doron Abrahami)

Laudate Dominum (SATB divisi, Ivo Antognini)

Let Me Go (SATB, William Averitt)

Lucky Luke (SATBB, Morten Vinther)

Mis on inimene? (SSAA) (SSAA, Pärt Uusberg, Doris Kareva)

Mis on inimene? (TTBB) (TTBB, Pärt Uusberg, Doris Kareva)

Music in the Air (TTBB) (TTBB, Ryan Murphy)

Muusika (SSAA) (SSAA, Pärt Uusberg, Juhan Liiv)

Ndikhokhele Bawo (SATB) (SATB, Mzwandile Mabuza)

Ndikhokhele Bawo (TTBB) (TTBB, Mzwandile Mabuza)

Now We Belong (SATB divisi, Michael Dennis Browne, John Wykoff)

Over Jordan (SATB, William Averitt)

Peegeldused tasasest maast (with Cello) (SATB, Tõnu Kõrvits)

Peegeldused tasasest maast (with Flugelhorn) (SATB divisi, Tõnu Kõrvits)

Rise, My Soul (SSAA, Susan LaBarr)

Rock-a My Soul (SATB divisi, Stacey Gibbs)

Runowamæ (SATB, Paul John Rudoi)

Sanctus (SATB) (SATB, Hyun Kook)

Sanctus (SSAA) (SSAA, Hyun Kook)

Sing Praise to God (SATB divisi, Johann Jacob Schütz, Brent Wells)

Sudden Light (SATB, D. G. Rossetti, Thomas Juneau)

The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came (SATB divisi, Susan LaBarr)

The Bridge Builder (SATB, Will Allen Dromgoole, David C. Dickau)

The Promised Land (SATB, William Averitt)

The Rose (SATB) (SATB divisi with Piano and Optional String Quartet, Ola Gjeilo, Christina Rossetti)

The Wind that Shakes the Barley (TTBB) (TTBB, Robert Dwyer Joyce, Dan Davison)

There Stood in Heaven a Linden Tree (SATB, Susan LaBarr)

This Little Light of Mine (SSA, Robert T. Gibson)

Thixo Onothando (SATB with Three Solos, Michael Barrett)

Tuba (SATB) (SATB, Michael Barrett)

Tuba (TTBB) (TTBB, Michael Barrett)

Vocalise (SSA, Tanner Wilemon, Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninov)

Wandrer's Nachtlied I (SATB divisi, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Blake Wilson)

Wayfaring Stranger (SATB, William Averitt)

When I Can Read My Title Clear (SATB, William Averitt)

Where Your Bare Foot Walks (SSAA) (SSAA, Rumi, David N. Childs)

Where Your Bare Foot Walks (TTBB) (Rumi, David N. Childs)

Willow-Wood (SATB, Christina Rossetti, Daniel Elder)

Wintertide (SSAATTBB, Charles Anthony Silvestri, Ola Gjeilo)

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