Where God Hides

Stories of Divine Inspiration

Text Author: Liam Lawton

© 2012 Liam Lawton, GIA, agent.

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‘It is in great simplicity that great beauty is revealed, and only then may we discover where God truly hides."

In this moving exploration of the path to understanding God’s presence, Liam Lawton considers how we can bring spiritual awakening and consolation into our lives, in every circumstance. Liam shares remarkable stories of human life and of the people and events that have touched him during his years of ministry, along with fascinating perspectives on his own spiritual awakening.

"These pages reveal a God who does not intrude upon human living but rather is available to enter into the very depth of it and become present to those who wish for “eyes to see, and ears to hear”. Here are stories of pain and beauty, challenge and consolation, but, above all, inspiration"

Liam Lawton is an award-winning, critically acclaimed Irish singer-songwriter, author and Roman Catholic priest, who was ordained in 1984. The poetic lyrics on his numerous platinum-selling albums are inspired by many sources, including the ancient texts of Celtic Ireland, from which he also draws inspiration for his haunting melodies. His music has been used in many an auspicious occasion, from the memorial services of 9/11 to concerts in such places as the Vatican, the White House, and The Chicago Symphony Hall. Liam’s choral music is used in choirs all over the English-speaking world and has been translated into Spanish, German, and Swedish.

He is author of the bestselling The Hope Prayer.

Contents: A Time to Be Born; A Time to Plant, a Time to Uprood; A Time to Heal; A Time to Let Go; A Time to Weep, a Time to Laugh; A Time to Dance; A Time to Search; A Time to Keep, a Time to Throw Away; A Time to Share; A Time to Be Silent; A Time to Speak; A Time to Love, a Time to Hate; A Time for Peace; A Time to Embrace

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Number of Pages: 285

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