What Every Dancer Needs to Know about the Body

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Dancers may have more consciously learned movement patterns than any other profession. Among the many forms and techniques of dance there are often conflicting instructions, and the dancer must translate these ideas into movement and artistry. This book is intended to be a workbook and playbook through which dancers and all movers can improve the quality of their movement.

Through clear, concise text, numerous illustrations and guided movement explorations, learn to embody basic anatomy. “Decode” common dance habits and develop a conscious approach to moving with ease and pleasure.

Dancers, dance teachers, and anyone with an interest in the Alexander Technique and movement will want a copy of What Every Dancer Needs to Know About the Body.

Robin Gilmore is a Teaching Artist for the Maryland State Arts Council and VSA Arts. She is a sought-after lecturer and teacher and has taught at the Curtis Institute of Music and other institutions of higher learning throughout the world. Robin also teaches developmental movement and dance to children with special needs. She resides in Annapolis, MD.