We Walk His Way

Shorter Songs for Worship

by John L. Bell

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We Walk His Way is the third collection of shorter songs for worship from John L. Bell and the Iona Community. Iona's previous collections, Come All You People and There Is One among Us, contain a wealth of material that has proven to be useful for a wide range of worship experiences. The songs included in this collection are from many different cultural traditions, including Taiwanese, South African, and Guatemalan. The global scope and versatility of these simple songs for worship can link us to the universal Church.

The short, memorable melodies are very sensitive and soulful. They are strong enough to bear continual repetition for meditation or as an accompaniment to liturgical action. Many of the selections are a cappella or include very simple accompaniments. Their simplicity makes them easy to learn, yet their texts convey a depth of spiritual, scriptural, and theological meaning.

Series: Iona

Style: World Music

Number of Pages: 144

Difficulty Level: E

Edition Format: Print

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