Walk in Peace

by Adam M. L. Tice

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Sally Ann Morris and Adam Tice began working together in 2008, when Sally was asked to compose a few tunes for Adam’s first collection, Woven into Harmony. This initial collaboration was the beginning of what has become a dynamic partnership. In this symbiotic pairing new inspiration emerged, generating contemporary but timeless music where text and tune seamlessly unite.

The a cappella choral writing on “Will You Hold Me in the Light,” and “This Is My Body” is so lush and intricate that accompaniment is not necessary, while the poetry of “God Give Me Faith like a Child,” and “Breath of God, Breath of Peace” illustrate the innocence and fearlessness essential in our love and trust of God. Stylistically ranging from a cappella choral to Latin jazz, each piece offers a musical and textual sophistication that powerfully conveys themes of journey and longing for God’s guidance.

Recorded in the acoustically renowned Goshen College Music Center, the CD features voices from the Goshen College Choirs and St. Joseph Valley Camerata.