Tune/Rhythm Chant Fusions for Listening

Edwin E. Gordon

Arr. © 2013 GIA.

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Series: Music Learning Theory (MLT)


Listening Experiences for Newborn and Young Children

This delightful collection of 100 short songs by Edwin E. Gordon, most of them duets, are an ingenious way to engage infants and young children in the world of music.

Dr. Gordon, a world-renowned researcher and author of music education resources, writes that young children are always learning by making comparisons. Is something the same or different? When a young child makes comparisons, learning abounds.

Listening is a primary way that young children make sense of the world. Yet when it comes to music, Dr. Gordon writes, the great majority of infants and pre- school children are deprived of a music listening vocabulary.

The songs in this collection are brief, diverse, deceptively simple, and perfect for engaging young minds in making important musical comparisons. Most combine a melody line with a simple rhythm chant. 

Categories: Children and Youth, Skill Building

Number of Pages: 46

Language: English

Format: Spiral