Today's Challenge, Tomorrow's Hope

The Iona Community

by Iona Community

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Founded during the depression years of the 1930s, the Iona Community began when George MacLeod took a group of trainee ministers and unemployed shipworkers from Glasgow to the island of Iona to rebuild part of the ancient abbey. It was a sign of hope in dark times, but also an experiment in training for ministry and mission through living in community.

Over sixty years later, the Community is still committed to a spirituality of engagement and challenge and continues to thrive as a dispersed group of members, associates, and friends all over the UK and many other countries.

This video features work and worship at the Abbey, MacLeod and Camas centers on the Iona Community, special archive footage of the rebuilding work and community life, and a look into the Community's base in Glasgow and other sites on the mainland. In addition to being a wonderful introduction to the Iona Community, this film is also an ideal starting point for anyone considering a visit to the island of Iona.

Format: VHS