The Truth That Sets Us Free

Biblical Songs for Worship

Arranged by: John L. Bell

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Accompaniment: Keyboard

Guitar: Yes

Text Source: Mostly John L. Bell

Series: Iona

Difficulty Level: E


From John L. Bell and the Wild Goose Resource Group comes a new collection of 21 shorter songs for public worship. The music in The Truth that Sets Us Free magnifies God and the experience of God’s people and effectively offsets the personal focus that most popular praise songs emphasize. This diverse mix of world music has biblical roots and references—some express exultant praise—others yearning, or anger. Many of the songs are suitable for most Sundays while others are better suited to a particular season or liturgical act. It is the hope of the Iona Community that this collection will add to the pool of similar material, which takes both God and the world seriously, since it was for the world and not just humanity that Christ came.

Contents: Come with me; Light for our darkness; I cried aloud to God; So much wrong; Save me, O God; Let my people go; Alleluia; We worship Christ; The truth that sets us free; Come and find rest in Christ; Peace I leave; Fellow travellers; Malembe; We shall break bread; How could a crowd?; Jikelele; Soft falls the snow; Blessing and honour; I love the Lord; Jeye Ho; Alleluia, praise the Lord 

Categories: Iona

Number of Pages: 88

Language: English, Indian, Lingala, Nigerian, Xitswa, Zulu

Format: Softcover