The Song of the Singing Assembly

A Theology of Christian Hymnody

Judith Kubicki CSSF

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The Song of the Singing Assembly is a penetrating study of how theology is found in great hymns of faith. Judith Kubicki’s analysis of over 50 hymns will help you bring texts to life and renew the importance and vitality of hymn singing for your assembly. Her compelling case for how “syntax, imagery, and symbol interact with other elements of the liturgy to express faith, provide theological meaning and help shape a group of singers into an assembly” is divided into six insightful chapters, ranging from “How Do Hymns Do Theology?” to “Finding the Theoligical Pulse of a Hymn Text” to the “Transformative Power of Classic Hymn Texts.” This book “will serve as a reminder about the importance of hymn singing, not just for the liturgy, but for the life of the parish.”

Categories: Hymnody, Hymnology

Number of Pages: 260

Language: English

Format: Softcover