The Revised Grail Psalms

A Liturgical Psalter

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“The Psalms provide a way into that unique chamber of the heart where one stands most free and open before God.” -Abbot Gregory J. Polan, OSB

Two editions of the Revised Grail Psalms are now in print, both featuring a foreword by Francis Cardinal George, OMI, and an introduction by Abbot Gregory J . Polan, OSB .

The Revised Grail Psalms is a quality paperback of the complete text of the Revised Grail Psalms in psalm order . The Revised Grail Psalms: Singing Version is a pointed edition of the complete text in psalm order, for choral recitation or chanting .

The Conception Abbey Psalm Tones melody card contains nine psalm tones that complement the Singing Version of the Revised Grail Psalms . This convenient card offers detailed instructions for intoning the psalms and tucks securely inside your book for easy access .

GIA Publications, Inc. is the worldwide agent of the Revised Grail Psalms . For licensing information, the latest news, and to view texts in psalm and lectionary order, visit giamusic .com/rgp.

Number of Pages: 354

Bible Reference: The psalms (1-150)

Language: English

Edition Format: Softcover

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