The Long and Short of Music - Book and CD edition

by Daniel C. Meyer

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An innovative and delightful way to introduce musical terms and concepts to children! The Long and Short of Music is 28 chapters of informative fun! Each song combines instruction with performance, making the process of learning about music more authentic. Music teachers and children’s choir directors alike will find The Long and Short of Music to be a wonderful supplement to their curriculum. This new resource is also perfect for elementary school classrooms with no music teacher.

The Long and Short of Music is a book of songs and each song is about a musical topic. Everything you need to teach the songs is included. These songs can be used as a springboard into more in-depth study.

Some of the topics covered include

  • vocal ranges,

  • pitch, intervals

  • accidentals

  • meter

  • dynamics,

  • rests, and

  • ties.

The Long and Short of Music comes with a full piano score, lyrics, detailed teaching notes, and a comprehensive CD that contains both full performance tracks and accompaniment tracks. The price of the edition includes permission to reproduce the student melody version of each song. The Long and Short of Music is one resource every elementary choir or classroom should have.

Number of Pages: 136

Difficulty Level: E/M

Language: English