The Ecumenical Grail Psalter - Singing Version

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In 2010 the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments granted a recognitio to The Revised Grail Psalms. This translation was prepared as a liturgical translation intended for use in the Roman Catholic Liturgy.

Within a year of its publication, Christian leaders from groups beyond the Roman Catholic Communion expressed appreciation for certain aspects of The Revised Grail Psalms, particularly the poetic quality of the text and the sprung rhythm which facilitates recitation, chant, and musical settings of the texts. They further inquired if we might consider publishing another edition of The Revised Grail Psalms, focusing more directly on the original Hebrew while yet seeking a more inclusive final text of the sort preferred in the current worship of their respective communions. Thus The Ecumenical Grail Psalter came to be.

Extracted from the "Introduction" to The Ecumenical Grail Psalter


Endorsements for The Ecumenical Grail Psalter

“A lovely translation! The Ecumenical Grail Psalter retains the elegant simplicity, beauty, and rhythmic flow of earlier Grail Psalms. This makes it ideal for public reading and singing, as well as for individual devotional use. I applaud the inclusive language, and I hope it will be widely read and sung. It is a wonderful gift to the Church!”

—J. Clinton McCann, Jr.
Evangelical Professor of Biblical Interpretation
Eden Theological Seminary

“Lyrical in language with an ear for the musicality of words, this fresh revision of the Grail Psalter voices the longing, lament, and lavish praise contained in the Psalms. I especially appreciate the attentiveness to inclusive language, which invites women readers and prayers of these texts to feel more at home in this richly hued rhetorical landscape. The monks of Conception Abbey have offered a gift to the larger ecclesial family, further shaping our liturgical life through engagement with the Psalter. As a Baptist theologian and seminary president, I am deeply grateful.”

—Molly T. Marshall
President and Professor of Theology and Spiritual Formation
Central Baptist Theological Seminary

“A translation of the Psalms marked by noble simplicity, accessibility, freshness, and candor. These texts are beautifully singable—well poised for chanting and singing in a variety of cultural contexts. They are also well suited for devotional and liturgical reading, inviting worshipers into the world of the Psalms with vivid, uncluttered language. May this volume be widely received across Christian traditions.”

—John D. Witvliet
Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary

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