Teaching Music through Performance in Middle School Band

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Lone Star Wind Orchestra • North Texas Wind Symphony, Eugene Migliaro Corporon, conductor

This 5-CD set contains premier recordings of all 100 works included in the companion book. There are 2 full discs of marches appropriate for your Middle School Band.

Core Grades 1–1.5:

All Is Calm (Smith) • Celtic Air and Dance (Sweeney) • Enchanted Island (Rouse) • First Light (Ticheli) • Gentle River (Grice) • Gymnopedie No. 1 (Satie/Bullock) • Lydian Lullaby (Sheldon) • Midnight Sky (Balmages) • Safari (Vertoske) • Shepherd’s Hey (Grainger/De Stefano)

Core Grades 2–2.5:

12873465 (Bukvich) • A Song of Hope (Swearingen) • An Australian Sea Ballad (Sheldon) • Appalachian Morning (Sheldon) • Arabian Dances (Barrett) • As the Robin to the Meadow (Stalter) • Ash Lawn Echoes (Smith) • Asian Folk Rhapsody (Saucedo) • Belah, Sun Woman (Blackshaw) • Blue Goose Rag (Birch/Broege) • Blue Ridge Reel (Balmages) • British Masters Suite (Moss) • Canticum (Curnow) • Castles and Dragons (Stalter) • Clouds that Sail in Heaven (Stalter) • Cradlesong (Barton) • Critical Mass (Stalter) • Dancing Snakes (Simon) • Etowah (Balmages) • Gently Touch the Sky (Sheldon) • Keltic Variations (Hazo) • Largo (New World) (Dvorak/Vinson) • Morning Mist (Sheldon) • Morris Dance Tunes (Holst/Wagner) • Mosswood Lullaby (Beck) • Rampage! (Stalter) • Reflections of Asia (Phillips) • Royalty Rag (Ryden) • Scenes of Russia (Nijs) • Seregenti Dreams (Smith) • The Blue Orchid (Owens) • The Last Rose of Summer (Williams) • The Southern Dawn (Owens) • We Meet Again (Hazo) • A Song of Hope (Swearingen) • When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Gilmore/Pearson, Elledge)

Core Grades 3–3.5:

Air from County Derry (Kreines) • Anitschka (Nijs) • Bluegrass Moments (Blocher) • Celebration and Song (Sheldon) • Dots (Huckeby) • Earth Song (Ticheli) • A Farnaby Prelude (Akey) • Gently Blows the Summer Wind (Standridge) • Horkstow Grange (Grainger/Sweeney) • Hypnotic Fireflies (Balmages) Innisfree (Strommen) • The Lost Lady Found (Grainger/ Sweeney) • Nightsong (Saucedo) • Nimrod (Elgar/Bocook) • Rhythm Machine (Broege) • West Highland Sojourn (Sheldon)

Marches Grade 1:

Captain Dane March (Owens) • Colonial March (Kinyon/ Bainum) • Crown Point March (Pearson) • Forward March! (Murtha) • March of the Romans (Sweeney)

Marches Grades 2–2.5:

Alamo March (King/Swearingen) • Aline March (Bennett/ Clark) • American Patrol March (Meacham/Huckeby) • Armed Forces on Parade (Balent) • Coast Guards March (King/ Swearingen) • Genius March (Bennett/Clark) • Guardians of Liberty March (Murtha) • High Steppers on Parade (Seward) • March of the Chinchillas (Paul) • March of the Irish Guard (Ployhar) • National Emblem March (Bagley/Bennett) • New Forest March (Vinson) • New South Wales March (Edmondson) • Newcastle March (Vinson) • Normandy Beach March (Edmondson) • Pink Lemonade (Weidt/Contorno) • Regimental Honor (Moss) • St. Petersburg March (Vinson) • The Brandenburg Gate March (Vinson) • The Royal Regiment (Compello) • The Screaming Eagles (Edmondson) • Vikings Victorious (Concert March) (Sharp)

Marches Grade 3:

Advance March (Bennett/Clark) • Call to Victory (King/Bainum) • Children’s March (Grainger/Wagner) • Imperial March (King/ Swearingen) • March of the Belgian Paratroopers (Leemans/ Swearingen) • Pass in Review March (Koener) • Prestissimo (King/Swearingen) • Rough Riders (King/Swearingen) • The Billboard March (Klohr/Balent) • The Liberty Bell (Sousa/ Bocook) • The Rifle Regiment (Sousa/Balent) • Torch of Liberty (King/Swearingen) 

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