Tanglewood II

Summoning the Future of Music Education

Editor: Anthony J. Palmer , Andre De Quadros

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Edited by Anthony J. Palmer and André de Quadros

With a foreword by Wynton Marsalis

Contributors: J. Mark Searce, Betty Anne Younker, John Kratus, Caroline Levine, Therese Volk Thouhey, Timothy D. Taylor, Lise C. Vaugeois, Margaret Schmidt, Sandra Trehub, Randall Everett Allsup, Heidi Westerlund, Sandra Stauffer, Joseph Pignato, Scott D. Lipscomb, Gena R. Greher, Herbert H. Tsang, Frank Heuser, David R. Sears, Janet R. Barrett, Thomas B. Malone, David G. Woods, Linda Page Neelly, Marine McCarthy

What is the future of music education?
A team of leaders in the music education profession gathered a series of
events over two years, a worthy successor of the famous Tanglewood symposium of 1967. This remarkable book is the culmination of their efforts.

Tanglewood II not only stimulates the profession to examine where this great adventure of music learning is headed—this book also provokes a re-evaluation of present programs and philosophies, tired methodologies, and reinvigorates the role music educators play in the lives of their students.

The contributors explore the great questions: Why music? What does music com- municate? What is the relationship between music education and democracy? What should be the impact of world music?

What is the latest research about nature vs. nurture and its impact on music learning? How does the child/teacher relationship affect learning? How does technol- ogy impact music learning, and what are the implications of future technologies? Are we recruiting and properly training the right individuals to teach music?

As Wynton Marsalis states in the introduction: “Have you ever looked around for your front door key, searching everywhere, and finally look down and it’s in your hand? We only need to look in our hands to find the key for which we’ve been search- ing.” Tanglewood II will help us all unlock that front door. 

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