Take This Moment

by Iona Community

Item #: CS-464     Status: Archived


Reunited for a fourth time, the talents of John L. Bell and the voices of Chicago's Cathedral Singers combine to produce a truly remarkable recording of top-notch choral music with Take This Moment!

Like much of John Bell's work, Take This Moment sends us soaring around the globe, featuring such pieces as "Te Ensalzarÿ, SeËor," a lively, bilingual setting of Psalm 30 commissioned by the Diocese of Austin, Texas. The lovely Easter text of "While Earth Remains" is set to an exquisite Korean tune, while "I Bow My Head in Prayer" takes us back to John Bell's homeland with an ancient Scottish-Celtic text set to an even older Celtic melody.

Also featured on this recording, making his debut with the Cathedral Singers, is GIA composer and guitarist Stephen Petrunak!

The rich, full music in this collection is intended for parish choirs with options of three- or four-part harmony. Take This Moment is simply a glorious collection of choral works that is as enjoyable for the music-loving listener to hear as it is for the musician to perform!

Format: CS