Symphony No. 19

Grade 5

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The technical demands are advanced for all sections.

The clarinets have especially exposed rapid articulation passages. All voicings are called upon to play exposed soloistic passages. Trumpet 1 is written to high C, and the part tends to linger in the top of the staff for long periods of time. The upper wood- wind demands are substantial for flute, E-flat clarinet, and 1st B-flat clarinet. Second clarinets will play up to written high E, and the 3rd clarinets play to written high E-flat. Solo clarinet, trumpet, and euphonium are exploited throughout. Percussion requirements and demands are minimal.

Varied ensemble voicings are used antiphonally and in counterpoint. As a result, the balance of contrasting instrument choirs and voicings will be a constant concern throughout all movements.


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