Summer of Firsts

Adventures with Music - Book 3

Paul Kimpton , Ann Kaczkowski Kimpton

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Series: Adventures in Music


Adventures with Music Book 3

WWII is ending, but the musical adventures are just beginning

World War II enters a new phase, summer is in full swing, and Dale Kingston, the boy who saved the Conn Musical Instrument factory from burning to the ground in Starting Early (Volume One in the Adventures with Music series) faces his biggest adventure so far: Junior High School.

As Dale and his friends climbed the steps to the junior high, a tall dark-haired boy stepped in front of them. Dale looked up and said, "Can you tell us where the band room is?"

The boy smirked and looked over at his friends, who were leaning against a railing. “Hey aren’t you that hot shot cornet player from Emerson School, the one who saved the town from the fire?” The boy stared down at Dale, his feet planted firmly on the ground, blocking the entrance to the school. “Well, don’t think you’re coming to my school and taking it over. You’re on my turf and don’t you forget it.” 

Categories: Children and Youth, Motivational

Number of Pages: 288

Language: English

Format: Softcover