A Guide to Student Teaching in Band

A Teaching Music through Performance Resource

Dennis W. Fisher , Lissa Fleming May , Erik Johnson

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Series: Teaching Music Through Performance


Music education majors are poised to enter one of the most enjoyable and meaningful professions on Earth. This no-nonsense guide is designed to help them get everything they can out of their student teaching experience.

The authors of this book represent over 100 years of active involvement in music education. Each has taught in public schools and now serves in important music education positions at major universities across the United States. Their experience and hands-on work has provided them with great knowledge, insight, and vision of the student teaching experience—knowledge they are eager to share. The result is informative, practical, thought provoking, and even entertaining.

Each chapter includes an overview of the areas of immersion young music educators will face in their new profession, including:

  • How to best develop observation skills and glean helpful techniques
  • How to develop your own educational vision and ethics
  • How to prepare for the "overload" that many feel of the never-ending litany of daily teaching and administrative tasks you must negotiate

Throughout the book, the authors remind us that teaching music through performance is an important daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goal.

The Teaching Music through Performance series has had a profound impact on all aspects of the wind band community. With the creation of this affordable guide, funded in part with revenue set aside by the originators of the Teaching Music through Performance series, the future of the profession—with your participation—remains truly bright. As Larry Blocher states in the book, "IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU!"

Dennis Fisher is Conductor of the Symphonic Band, Associate Director of Wind Studies, and Professor of Music in Conducting and Ensembles at the University of North Texas.

Lissa Fleming May is Associate Dean for Instruction and Professor of Music Education at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

Erik Johnson is Associate Professor of Music Education at Colorado State University, where he teaches undergraduate and graudate courses in music education and conducts the 130-member CSU Concert Band.

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