Stepping Up

The Bully in the Band

by Paul Kimpton , Ann Kaczkowski Kimpton

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Series: Adventures in Music


The Bully in the Band

Adventures with Music Book 4

World War II is over, and now a young musician must learn to fight his own battles...

Just as quickly as the storm had arrived, it moved down the valley and away from the fort. The first light of morning peaked under the departing clouds. As the sky cleared, so did Dale’s mind. He knew exactly what he had to do.

He opened the door to the fort, and what he saw confirmed the power of the storm.  The lightening split Scout’s favorite tree down the middle, the two halves forming the letter Y.  Dale paused. This is a sign. This is the fork in the road. He had a choice of which fork to take: either face his issues with the first-chair trumpet player or continue to be manipulated and bullied for the rest of his life.

“This book is not only about the life and times of a gang of seventh-grade musicians and friends, but is also a story about bullying in and out of school. Stepping Up is a compelling story for kids, and it is also a wonderful book for parents, teachers, counselors, or anyone concerned with bullying and its consequences.”

-—Dr. Carroll Gonzo
University of St. Thomas

Dale’s concentration was broken when Jim leaned over and whispered, “I can’t wait to watch you clutch like you did at your auditions. You do remember you messed up two different times. Get ready for mess up numbers three and four."

Dale realized that it was the time to take on Jim. As Jim turned forward, Dale leaned over, reached into his shirt, pulling out Scout’s two dog tags that he always wore on a chain around his neck.

“I don’t think so, Jim. I know what you did and how you did it. Does this look familiar?” Dale said as he held up a pink eraser dangling on the chain with the dog tags. Jim’s face turned white. “I think, Jim, it’s time I erased the past and show you what a real leader plays like.”

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