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Adventures with Music - Book 1

Paul Kimpton , Ann Kaczkowski Kimpton

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Series: Adventures in Music


Adventures with Music Book 1

A new adventure series where the heroes are young musicians!

Dale and his friends waited for this moment, and now it was here: they were finally old enough to play an instrument. Little did Dale know that his decision to play the cornet would take him on an adventure of a lifetime...

This first book in The Adventures with Music Series begins in the U.S. during World War II. Paul and Ann Kimpton bring to life this unforgettable story about best friends, their dog Scout, bike rides, forts, foot races, and heroism—capturing the spirit of a remarkable time and the sheer joy of making music

Excerpt from the book...
The Conn instrument factory was on fire, and only one person could save the town.... "Hurry, Dale! You have no time to spare!" Grandpa warned as Dale hopped on his bike. He put the bugle to his lips, but nothing came out. "Remember what you have been taught," Grandpa advised. Dale licked his lips and tried again. This time the Fire Call came out loud and clear. The sound echoed across the valley. Grandpa shouted, "Now ride to each corner and play it as loud as you can. This is going to be your most important performance ever!"

Paul Kimpton grew up in a musical family and was a band director in Illinois for 34 years. His father Dale was a band director and professor at the University of Illinois, and his mother Barbara was a vocalist. When Paul is not writing, he is reading or enjoying the outdoors.

Ann Kimpton played French horn through college and went on to be a mother, teacher, and high school administrator. Her parents, Henry and Maryalyce Kaczkowski, both educators, instilled an appreciation for the fine arts and the outdoors in all of their children.

How to use the Adventures with Music series:

1. Parents, Teachers, Librarians: Intended for intermediate readers in grades 4 through 8, these books capture the interests of both boys and girls. The series fosters a love of reading while exposing students to American history and the foundations of music. The musician characters provide positive role models for any child, but especially students who like music or play an instrument.
2. General Music Classroom: Support reading across the curriculum in your classroom! The Adventures with Music series promotes musicians as can-do kids. Musical concepts are embedded throughout each high-interest story, thus reinforcing what students are learning in your classroom. Provide your students with a background rich in music history in an exciting context. The books are written to appeal to a variety of reading levels, and as a result, support differentiated instruction in your classroom.
3. Instrumental Music Teachers: Build interest when recruiting beginners, and maintain that excitement, as students develop their musical skills. The Adventures with Music series provides students with positive role models of well-rounded, active musicians. Students see how music can be an essential part of their lives and are drawn to the exciting stories that reinforce the concepts they will encounter when they play an instrument. The series’ characters learn to read music, rehearse, and persevere all while developing leadership skills in their school’s music program. Music history is woven throughout, helping you keep the legacy of music alive for young musicians.  

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Number of Pages: 204

Language: English

Format: Softcover