Spread the Good News

by Sally Ann Morris

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Number of Pages: 118

Accompaniment: Keyboard

Language: English

As her tune writing journey continues, Sally Ann Morris explores new sounds and forms while still exhibiting the craftsmanship and melodic variety that have made her tunes so widely sung and accessible. This third collection includes settings of texts by Mary Louis Bringle; Carl P. Daw Jr.; Delores Dufner, OSB; Shirley Erena Murray; Adam M. L. Tice; Thomas Troeger; and others. Highlights include the delightful “Invited by God to Tango,” a joyous tune easter waltz for “Spread the Good News,” a setting of “Wordless Is the Prayer” that employs the use of resonant sounds in sung prayer, and a moving dialog hymn “You Search and Know Me, O My God.”