Sing of the World Made New

Hymns of Justice, Peace and Christian Responsibility

Editor: Jeffery Rowthorn , Russell Schulz-Widmar

© 2014 Hope Publishing Co. and GIA.

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Russell Schulz-Widmar and Jeffery Rowthorn have partnered to create a new hymn resource for congregants who want to live what they sing and sing what they live—Christian lives dedicated to bringing peace and justice to our world. In this collection of hymns there is a wide selection of texts and tunes meant to expand our praise of God and inflame our passion for justice.
    Purposefully ecumenical in nature, this anthology works across denominational lines. Each of the six thematic sections of hymns also contains a scriptural passage celebrating God’s compassion and call for justice, a short introduction of the theme, and a chant from the Taizé Community.
    Challenging texts and memorable tunes make Sing of the World Made New the perfect supplement for congregations who want to “sing themselves to justice.” Copublished by GIA Publications and Hope Publishing Company. 

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Categories: Choral/Vocal, Hymnody, Collection

Topical: Christian Life, Justice, Peace

Number of Pages: 298

Format: Spiral