Sing as Christ Inspires Your Song

Touchstones for Pastoral Musicians

by David Haas

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In this little book, well-known liturgical composer, pastoral musician, and author David Haas provides parish musicians of every kind, shape, and musical style preference—the parish music director, cantors, choir and ensemble singers, instrumentalists, and yes, the singing and praying assembly —with touchstones and meditations that can be a source of nurturing during the in-between times of serving as ministers of sung prayer. These brief “sharings” are intended to plant seeds to foster a renewed sense of joy and re-orientation for us who empower the prayer and praise of God’s people: before and after liturgical celebrations, during rehearsals, as conversation and discussion starters, and as points for reflection and challenge. The ministry of pastoral music is, ultimately, about Jesus and how we encounter this Jesus through the singing of our common song and prayer. We sing to be reminded of our call to be disciples; to be transformed into something better than we are at this present moment. In these pages, liturgical musicians will hopefully discover some starting points to make to continue making the journey again, over and over, as if for the first time

Categories: Motivational

Number of Pages: 48

Language: English

Format: Softcover