Revised Order of Mass Supplement - Keyboard edition

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Revised Order of Mass Supplement-Assembly Edition

The Revised Order of Mass Supplement-Assembly Edition is soon to be available for purchase to any interested parish no matter what music resource you currently have in your pews. Parishes that have purchased a GIA hymnal for their communities after November 1, 2004 will, upon request, receive complimentary assembly booklets (shipping charges not included). This new resource will include select ICEL chants for the Revised Order of Mass from the Roman Missal-Third Edition, and a cross section of the most widely sung Mass settings newly revised and arranged for your worshiping assembly. This supplement is intended to complement any hymnal or worship aid, whether permanent or disposable. A separate keyboard accompaniment edition will also be available for purchase. This new supplement is a great way to introduce the texts of the Revised Order of Mass to your assembly and acquaint them with a variety of revised Mass setting from GIA.

Revised Mass settings included in this supplement:

  • Mass of Creation—Marty Haugen

  • Mass of Light—David Haas

  • Mass of the Angels and Saints—Steven Janco

  • A Community Mass—Richard Proulx

  • Mass of Remembrance—Marty Haugen

  • Jubilation Mass—Chepponis

  • Mass for the Life of the World—David Haas (now fully bilingual) (Gloria and Eucharistic Acclamations, Lamb of God)

  • Land of Rest(Eucharistic Acclamations) 

  • German Mass(Deutsche Messe)—Richard Proulx (Eucharistic Acclamations)

  • Missa Emmanuel—Richard Proulx (Eucharistic Acclamations)

Also included will be these revised settings of the Gloria:

  • "Gloria"—John Lee (through-composed)

  • "Gloria" from A New Mass for Congregations—Carol Thomas Andrews (through-composed)

  • Melodic Gloria—James Chepponis (refrain style)

The supplement will fit conveniently inside the front or back cover of your hymnal or can be easily stored in your pew rack. To secure your supplement, GIA also offers heavy-duty, clear plastic pockets (G-4565, $ .45) for purchase that affix easily to the cover of any hymnal.

For information about new Mass settings from GIA please visit Reprint boxes for your assembly are available on, and licensing information can be obtained from Individual Assembly Editions for each of the new and revised Mass settings are also available for purchase.

Series: Mass

Text Source: Revised Order of Mass 2010

Number of Pages: 162

Difficulty Level: E/M

Instrumental parts included: Keyboard

Language: English

Edition Format: Print

Copyright: © 2011 GIA. Individual copyrights may apply. Published with the approval of the Committee on Divine Worship, USCCB.