Psalms without Words - Volume 8 - Piano

Edward J. Eicker

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Accompaniment: Keyboard;Piano

Series: Psalms without Words


Ed Eicker’s second offering to this series consists of eight pieces for solo piano. Psalm 27’s joyful theme is varied byyyy several key changes. Psalm 47 is an exuberant, rhythmic prelude reminiscent of Copeland’s “Hoedown”. Psalm 63 is a passacaglia-a theme and variations over an ostinato bass. Psalm 66 is in 8/8 meter, but has accents on beats 1, 4, and 7, giving the accompaniment a playful feel. Psalm 91 begins with an expressive minor theme, which briefly changes to major before returning to a pleading tone. Psalm 104’s sparse melody is heightened with tempo changes and fermatas. Psalm 116’s theme is expressive and pleading. Psalm 146 is set in a swinging gospel style.



Categories: Instrumental, Piano

Bible Reference: Psalm 27, Psalm 47, Psalm 63, Psalm 66, Psalm 91, Psalm 104, Psalm 116, Psalm 146

Format: Printed