Processional on a Russian Chant

Robert Parker

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Accompaniment: Organ

Instrumental parts included: Trumpet I in B-flat, Trumpet I in C, Trumpet II in B-flat, Trumpet II in C, Horn in F, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion

Music Source: Based on "Hvalite Imia Ghospodne" (Ps. 135:1)

Difficulty Level: M


A great prelude piece for a festive occasion, “Processional on a Russian Chant” is based on “Hvalite Imia Ghospodne.” The incipit of the chant is Psalm 135:1, “Praise the name of the Lord; praise the Lord, O you servants.” As is typical of Russian music, this has a low bass drone through much of the piece. Adding cymbals and bass drum enriches this festive hymn of praise, which beautifully illustrates the spirit of the psalm text. A fortissimo beginning makes way to a softer middle section that steadily swells back to a triumphal fff ending.

Categories: Instrumental, Keyboard, Organ

Topical: Festive, Praise

Bible Reference: Psalm 135:1

Scored for: Brass, Percussion

Ensemble/Orchestration: Quintet

Number of Pages: 12

Format: Softcover