Primary Measures of Music Audiation (K-Grade 3) on CD-rom

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Edwin E. Gordon

Item #: G-2242CDROM     Status: Out of print

Series: Music Testing


The preeminent music aptitude test for children in grades K–3 is now available for the first time on CD-ROM! The Primary Measures of Music Audiation (PMMA) is designed to diagnose and measure music potential. It is the only brief, longitudinally valid music aptitude test for Grades K through 3.

PMMA is crucial in helping music teachers adapt instruction to the individual musical needs of their students. Students do not need to read or have prior music instruction to take the test. PMMA is divided into two equal parts, Tonal and Rhythm, and each part takes 20 to 25 minutes to administer.
The PMMA CD-ROM package includes complete administration instructions. The CD-ROM is self-scoring and is intended for use on a single computer.

Edwin E. Gordon is Research Professor, University of South Carolina, and the world’s leading researcher in the music aptitude field.

Note: The CD-ROM version is designed to completely replace the paper version of the test. The CD-ROM is installed on a computer, and students are rotated to that computer on an ongoing basis to take the test. The test is identical to the paper version, but the computer tabulates the scores. The main difference is that the students must be in front of a computer to take the test. The CD-ROM is not a networked program, but all of the test scores can be exported to a spreadsheet or database and compiled onto a single computer. The CD-ROM is offered in single-user, five-computer, or site-license versions. The site license allows the program to be installed on as many computers as necessary for a single institution.

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PMMA 1.0 to 1.1 Update

Changes in PMMA 1.1

  • Uses one passcode to access the program, access teacher options, activate navigation buttons,
    and see the quick score frame.
  • Uses STOP signs or CONTINUE buttons in place of passcodes.
  • Displays a color splash screen for easy identification of the restart frame.
  • Allows teachername input during log-in.
  • Contains an option to prevent student input during log-in.
  • Highlights new entries in green for easy identification during log-in.
  • Allows administrator to clear previous scores during log-in.
  • Quickly prints, exports, or clears all records containing scores from the teacher options frame.
  • Includes new navigation features: skip headphones test; skip instructions; jump to test; jump back;
    restart/quit buttons at the end of the test.
  • Disables the ESCAPE key to prevent accidental quitting.
  • Alerts invalid date entries while editing student data.
  • Eliminates unintended choices when double-clicking.
  • Allows administrator to restore the student data file without using the installation disk.
  • Automatically changes read-only files to read and write.


*FREE Software Update Available

Download a free Trial of our latest PMMA v1.1 (Windows).
Download a free Trial of our latest PMMA v1.1 (MAC).

Download the free Update for PMMA from v1.0 to v 1.1 (Windows).


System requirements: Microsoft Windows running Windows 98 with 64 MB of RAM; Windows 2000, XP or Vista with 128 MB of RAM; Mac OS X with 128 MB of RAM, using Mac OS X v.10.1.5 or higher (NOT compatible with Mac OS X Lion).

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