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Habits for Creating a Culture of Excellence

Tim Lautzenheiser , Scott Rush

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For teachers using Pathway to Success, GIA Publications has created a Google Form that allows students to electronically submit their answers to all questions in the Pathway to Success Student Workbook. To download  your own copy of the Google Form, use the following link:

In music programs across the country, student leadership is often thought of in terms of titles, authority status, section leader positions, and being in charge of others—a responsibility assumed by only a select few. But what if we reframed and broadened the idea of leadership to include all students as leaders of their own pathway in life? 

Band director Scott Rush and leadership legend Tim Lautzenheiser join forces to create Pathway to Success, a dynamic and engaging resource that fosters the leadership qualities of every student, not just the chosen few. This workbook guides students through ten sequential levels as they journey up the metaphorical mountain of self-leadership. 

Along the way, students will encounter lessons, activities, stories, quotes, and questions that address the key qualities of any effective leader: communication, attitude, honesty, trust, integrity, self-discipline, emotional health, goal setting, relationships, cooperation, loyalty, selflessness. Upon reaching the summit, students are challenged to create a “moonshot”—to set a goal and achieve something that has never been done before! 

True leadership begins with self-reflection in each and every student. All students can benefit when they see themselves as their own best leaders, and therein lies the foundation of a culture of excellence. Pathway to Success is a groundbreaking leadership program designed to inspire student growth and enhance any band, choir, or orchestra program—and beyond.

“To borrow a phrase: All children have talents; however, not all children have opportunity and encouragement. Pathway to Success by Tim Lautzenheiser and Scott Rush describes in detail the “how” and provides that encouragement young people need to overcome any reservations and reluctance they may have to step forward and become a leader! History is full of examples of shy and timid youngsters who responded to a challenge and rose to greatness as a leader. This book is invaluable for any age! Leadership by example. Pathway to Success. I wish it was available when I was a student. Tim and Scott nailed it! 

— Richard Crain, President of The Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic 

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