O Sing the Glories

Alice Parker

Text Author: Thomas Pestel

Music © 2005 GIA.

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Vocal Forces: SATBB

Accompaniment: Reduction

Series: Choral

Difficulty Level: M


“O Sing the Glories” is an original work by Alice Parker, who is known primarily for her masterful arrangements. A festive, unaccompanied hymn-anthem that begins each stanza with an ascending scale incorporating a phrygianesque raised fourth. The seven brief stanzas are SATB, TB, SA, SATB, SAT, a quieter SATBB (with layered entrances from the lower voices upward), and a resounding final stanza with the tune in the tenor, while all other voices freely decorate around the melody.

Categories: Choral/Vocal

Topical: Creation, Mercy, Praise

Style: Traditional

Number of Pages: 16

Language: English

Format: Octavo