New Wine in Old Wineskins - Volume 1

A Contemporary Congregational Song Supplement

Edited By: James Abbington

© 2007 GIA. Individual copyrights may apply.

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Description: The Gospels tell us that no one should put new wine into old wineskins lest they burst. Well, we've put a new twist on this familiar Scripture passage. The title for this collection, New Wine in Old Wineskins, reflects the marriage of new hymn texts by modern writers to time-honored hymn tunes from many different traditions. Familiar “old wineskins” like duke street, old hundreth, beecher, hyfrydolL, hymn to joy, and abbot's leigh are filled with “new wine”
by such illustrious text writers as Brian Wren; Carl P. Daw, Jr.; Sylvia Dunstan; Ruth Duck; Herman Stuempfle; Jane Parker Huber; Fred Kaan; Mary Louise Bringel; Shirley Erena Murray; and John Bell. Your congregation will break into song like new wine bursting forth from old wineskins!

The vintage wine section of this book has a fine selection of lesser-known tunes by the likes of Margaret Pleasant
Douroux and Charles A. Tindley, which are sure to become classic favorites in your community. James Abbington is the editor of GIA's African American Church Music Series.

Catagories: African American Resources, Choral Vocal

Style: Gospel

Number of Pages: 160

Language: English

Format: Softcover