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Myaku is a lively and rhythmic set-based composition that continuously pushes to a dramatic conclusion. Dzubay writes,

Opening with gentle waves of woodwind oscillations and building to powerful repetitive arpeggios near the end, this fanfare for wind band takes two main ideas as themes: Pulse (Myaku in Japanese) and the number seven (representing the celebration of the seven decades of existence of the Musashino Academy of Music). The pulses occur on many levels, often as groups of seven evenly spaced articulations, but also as rhythmic underpinnings. The number seven works into the composition in different ways, such as the number of sections and the tempo markings of quarter note = 140, 168, and 77.

The principal musical motive is a four-note subset of a pentatonic scale: A, B, D, and E. There is also extensive use of diatonic clusters (built by stacking up transpositions of the above motive) and the ascending melodic minor scale.

The piece is four minutes and forty seconds in length, and the score is in C with no key signatures.


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