My God and My All

Praying the Rosary with Francis and Clare

by David Haas

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In recent years, David has worked to promote the Rosary in a more "liturgical" context, while still being able to pray privately. Drawing on his experience praying the Rosary (which hails back to the witness of his mother and grandfather—both of whom prayed the Rosary faithfully), he has yoked it with the spirituality of particular saints and spiritual paths (as with The Rosary with St. James, G-8974).

His latest offering is My God and My All: Praying the Rosary with Francis & Clare, blending his love and passion for all things Franciscan, with the charisms of Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi woven throughout.  

The five mysteries for this unique prayer experience are steeped in the mission of all who wish to emulate Francis and Clare. The order of service includes suggested songs, refrains, and responses drawn from the Franciscan tradition. My God and My All offers a fresh perspective for praying this most revered devotion.  

This is the booklet. A complete recording of My God and My All: Praying the Rosary with Francis & Clare is available here via digital download at

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