Musicianship-Focused Curriculum and Assessment

Colleen Conway

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Contributing authors: William Bauer, Scott Edgar, John Eros, Sommer Forrester, Linda Hartley, Shannan Hibbard, Christina Hornbach, Ryan Hourigan, Si Millican, C. Michael Palmer, Kristen Pellegrino, Jared Rawlings, Jill Reese, Alison Reynolds, Heather Russell, Ryan Shaw, Heather Shouldice, Johanna Siebert, Ann Marie Stanley, Cynthia Taggart, Wendy Valerio, Amy West, Chad West

Musicianship-Focused Curriculum and Assessment is an in-depth guide to lesson and rehearsal planning that provides a concise method for aligning music instruction with the new Core Arts Standards while continuing to focus on active music making. The team of contributors assembled by Colleen Conway has deep, practical experience in the music classroom at all educational levels. Those who teach music in early childhood, K–12, higher education, and adult learning settings will find this volume to be a practical resource for lesson planning.

Part One defines the field of curriculum and assessment in music. Part Two guides the reader through various approaches to designing curricula, including incorporating twenty-first-century skills and the Common Core. Part Three combines these ideas with various approaches to music teaching, including Orff, Kodály, Dalcroze, Suzuki, and Music Learning Theory in the areas of movement, rhythm, singing, creative music making, musical sensitivity and expression, music literacy, and music listening. Part Four addresses curriculum and assessment in the areas of early childhood, adult music learning, English language learning, preparation for adjudicated events, preservice education, in-service education, and technology.

Musicianship-Focused Curriculum and Assessment is a complete guide that will help every music teacher hone and polish curriculum and assessment goals while increasing student involvement.

Colleen M. Conway, editor, is Professor of Music Education at the University of Michigan and Editor of Arts Education Policy Review. She has published six books and more than 80 book chapters and articles in music education.

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