Music! Words! Opera! Create Your Own Opera or Music-Theater

by Clifford Brooks, Roger Ames

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Clifford J. Brooks and Roger Ames

The Music! Words! Opera! series, co-published by OPERA America and GIA Publications, Inc., challenges students to experience communication and storytelling through methods beyond the spoken and written word. Opera and music-theater invite students to explore several fundamental means of human communication—through language, music, dance, drama, and visual arts. Opera and music-theater should be understood and enjoyed by everyone!

This Create Your Own module guides teachers and students through the process of composing and producing an original work of opera or music-theater. By encouraging the basic human instinct for telling stories, students will be introduced to a whole new world of creative expression .

Music! Words! Opera! Create Your Own Opera or Music-Theater includes complete lesson plans, activities, handouts, study questions, assessment tools, and a glossary. Teachers will also have free access to an online resource bank that offers reprintable downloads and other helpful support materials.

Developed by educators and opera professionals, Music! Words! Opera! is designed for upper elementary and middle school music classes.  

Series: Opera America

Number of Pages: 266

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