Morning Music

Grade 5

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This bundle includes:
1. A digital PDF of the Teacher Resource Guide from the Teaching Music textbook
2. An mp3 recording of the work

The work consists of seven movements – “Prelude,” “Ships,” “Towers,” “Domes,” “Theatres,” “Temples,” “Finale” – all of which are played without pause. While not specifically programmatic, each movement does contain elements suggested by the titles.

“Ships” is in 6/8 time, like a sea chanty; “Towers” is permeated with bell sounds; “Domes” has the character of a chorale; “Theatres” is full of brief fanfares and changes style several times, like the characters in a play; and “Temples” presents a unison melody that evokes plainchant through the use of repeated notes (like reciting tones) and mixed meter.

Scored for a large wind ensemble that includes a wide array of percussion instruments, piano, harp, and double bass, Morning Music is approximately seventeen minutes long.


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