Melodic Gloria

Revised Order of Mass 2010

by James Chepponis

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Unison singing has never sounded so triumphant! This "Gloria" by James Chepponis combined with the available brass quartet and timpani parts will raise the rafters.

Brass quartet and timpani parts are optional. 

Series: Ritual Prayer

Text Source: Revised Order of Mass 2010

Number of Pages: 16

Difficulty Level: E

Vocal Forces: Unison, Cantor, Assembly

Separate Instruments: Trumpet I in B-flat, Trumpet I in C, Trumpet II in B-flat, Trumpet II in C, Trombone I, Trombone II, Timpani

Accompaniment: Organ

Language: English

Recommended Occasions: Glory to God / Gloria

Ensemble/Orchestration: Quartet

Scored for: Brass, Percussion

Edition Format: Octavo

Copyright: Words © 2010 ICEL. Published with the approval of the Committee on Divine Worship, USCCB. Setting © 1986, 2011 GIA.