Marching Along

Reflections of Men, Women and Music

John Philip Sousa IV, John Philip Sousa

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In print with the original text for the first time in decades, Marching Along is the intriguing autobiography John Philip Sousa wrote in the final years of his life.

Sousa (1854–1932) was America’ s first superstar, a giant of his day. He conducted more than 14,000 concerts, composed a hundred hit tunes, and wrote three Broadway musicals that ran at the same time. In 1900 he was the best-known musician in the world, friends with presidents, corporate giants, and movie stars.

Marching Along contains the amusing and insightful reflections of a world-class musician who charmed audiences around the globe for half a century yet also reveals the man’s humble nature as a simple lover of music. This book brings the colorful story of the March King and his music into true focus in an engaging and entertaining way.

John Philip Sousa IV, the only living direct namesake of John Philip Sousa, has approved this edition of Marching Along. It is sure to bring every reader, musician or not, insights into the man who dominated the musical scene of early twentieth-century America.

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