Love, Imperfectly Known

Beyond Spontaneous Representations of God

Translated by: Dinah Livingstone

© 2009 Br. Emmanuel of Taizé. Tr. © 2011 The Continuum International Publishing Group.

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Series: Taize


Believer, non-believer, or undecided, every one of us is influenced by the unconscious psychological projections that, in part, condition our instinctive conception of God and therefore our personal beliefs. 

Demonstrating the valuable insight that can be gained from a fruitful encounter between psychology and
theology, this book unmasks the major obstacles that can arise in the quest for meaning or on the way to a spiritual experience: doubts about the existence of a God of love in a broken world; hidden fears of God nourished by a real difficulty in believing that we are worthy to be loved; persistent images of a rather distant, exclusively masculine or frightening Divine Being; unhelpful contrasts between science and faith, psychology and theology, sexuality and spirituality… 

By tackling these culturally conditioned barriers to belief and spirituality within Western Christianity, Brother Emmanuel explores a new theology of love, both human and divine.

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Number of Pages: 192

Language: English

Format: Softcover