Lectionary Psalms: Michel Guimont

by Michel Guimont

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Text Source: Refs. <i>Lectionary for Mass</i>; vv. <i>The Revised Grail Psalms</i> or <i>NAB</i>

Number of Pages: 212

Difficulty Level: E

Language: English

Since 1994, the psalm refrain settings and psalm tones of Canadian composer Michel Guimont have enjoyed wide popularity in North America.They have a harmonic freshness and flexibility in performance that makes them a unique and enduring contribution to the church’s song.

This new edition offers another complete set of responsorial psalms for use throughout the three-year Lectionary cycle. Using the Revised Grail Psalms—designated to be the official English-language Psalter used in future Roman Catholic liturgical books—each of the settings in this collection can be performed using organ, piano, or guitar.The verses can be sung by a solo cantor or by SATB choir.This current edition includes ten new refrain settings and seven new psalm tones.While this collection may be used as a Lectionary psalter, regardless of what musical resource is found in the pew, this edition is uniquely linked to Gather, Third Edition