Lead Me Guide Me Second Edition Recordings

Liturgy of the Hours, Psalms and Mass Settings - Set 1

by Various

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It includes the CD set titled Lead Me, Guide Me—Second Edtion: RITES, PSALMS and SERVICE MUSIC.

This collection of recordings is designed to enhance the exploration of Lead Me, Guide Me—Second Edition and to be of help to parishes in the learning of new music. There are three distinct CD sets.

The first, Rites, Psalms, and Service Music, contains music for the Liturgy of the Hours and rites of the church along with recordings of new and revised Mass settings.

The second, Hymns, includes over 160 selections of newly composed music, recently authored texts, and lesser-known hymns and songs that are appear- ing for the first time in Lead Me, Guide Me—Second Edition.

Lastly, the third CD set, Lectionary Psalms, recorded by M. Roger Holland II and a group of professional singers from New York has 48 psalms from the final section of the hymnal. These psalms use texts from The Revised Grail Psalms set by some of today’s finest African American composers.

The recorded tracks in these three CD sets follow the order of the hymnal and are numbered using the actual hymnal numbers. The recordings are a compilation of tracks recorded specifically for this project and of existing tracks drawn from previous projects that are, nonetheless, fully compatible with this one.

In all, we have recorded approximately 300 of the items in Lead Me, Guide Me—Second Edition.

Edition Format: CD