Jump Right In: Rhythm Register Book 1

by Edwin E. Gordon

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Learning Sequence Activities should be the core of every curriculum that teaches music fundamentals, instrumental or choral, elementary school or college.

Simply put, these activities are a research-based, carefully sequenced way to teach the basics and to teach toward the individual differences of your students. They take up no more than five or ten minutes at the beginning of a class period.

Designed by Edwin E. Gordon, the activities broaden the tonal and rhythm vocabularies of students. More importantly, by working with tonal and rhythm patterns, the building blocks of all music, students learn to audiate or to give meaning to music. Is a song in triple meter or duple? Is it in major or minor? How does the chord structure progress? Improvise a harmony...

The ability to audiate is fundamental to all other music achievement. You will quickly find that these activities enhance everything musical you do in the classroom.

Series: Jump Right In

Style: Other

Number of Pages: 88

Language: English

Edition Format: Book

Copyright: 1984, 1990, GIA Publications, Inc.