Joy and Peace - Instrument edition

Eucharistic Acclamations for Holy Communion

Tony Alonso

Arranger: Chris de Silva

Setting © 2010, 2017 GIA. Individual copyrights may apply.


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Instrumental parts included: C Instrument I, C Instrument II

Separate Instruments: Guitar

Music Source: Mass of Joy and Peace, 2010, adapt. TA


When the revised English translation of the Catholic Mass was introduced in 2010, Tony Alonso’s Mass of Joy and Peace quickly became one of the most widely sung eucharistic settings. In this edition, Tony has adapted the eucharistic acclamations for ecumenical use. The Joy and Peace acclamations will find a home in organ-based worship or celebrations led by piano, guitar, or contemporary ensemble. A setting of great versatility and accessibility, Joy and Peace will help inspire the sung prayer of assemblies across Christian denominations.

This instrumental edition includes two parts for optional C intruments.

Scored for: Woodwinds

Number of Pages: 4

Format: Printed