Jesus, Merciful Savior - Streaming Video

Art and Stories

Michael O'Neill McGrath OSFS

@ 2016 World Library Publications

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Experience the faith-enhancing and spirit-enriching insights of Brother Mickey McGrath as he shares his beautiful art and engaging stories in this live workshop recording.

Here Jesus, Merciful Savior, Brother Mickey helps us take a fresh look at the life of Christ, from incarnation through his public ministry, to his heath, resurrection, and ascension.  Watch and discover how these images of Jesus and the stories of his life connect to our lives and our contemporary world. 

Perfectly suited to community viewing by parish prayer groups, RCIA candidates and sponsors, and pastoral staff, this presentation is also ideal for family viewing and personal contemplation.  Brother Mickey is gifted in coaxing each of us to delve deeper into his drawings and the stories behind them, deepening our devotion to Jesus.  His deep insights and ever-present whimsical humor blend seamlessly to create a memorable encounter with the holy. 

Format: Video