A Choral Director’s Guide to Instrumental Conducting - Book

Michael Kemp

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Thank you, Michael, for offering your years of experience and your love for music making with this informative, happy guide. I know it will be of great help to the next generation of choral directors!

(From the foreword by Philip Brunelle)

Choral directors are frequently called upon to conduct various instrumental ensembles, from a few accompanying instruments to a full orchestra. This very practical and straightforward book provides insights and advice to those who haven’t studied instrumental conducting, who may be new to conducting instrumentalists, or those who are looking to hone or enhance their skills.

Throughout this book, Michael Kemp explains the most beneficial ways for a choral conductor to hire, work with, and lead instrumentalists. The different approach needed to guide instrumental ensembles of varying skill levels is presented clearly and effectively. Helpful and perceptive accounts from Kemp’s wide-ranging experience as a conductor illuminate the material. Useful sample seating chart of various instrumental combinations are also included.

Michael E. Kemp is the author of significant training books for choral directors and voice teachers. His goal is to pass on accessible, scholarly concepts to choir directors to enhance their ensembles. A conductor, choral clinician, author, composer, voice teacher, and violist, he is also the founding conductor of Philadelphia’s Academy Chorale and Orchestra.

Number of Pages: 64

Format: Book

Discipline: Choir