In the Holy Temple

Entrance Antiphons for Advent

by Christian Cosas

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Tambourine part is only for the Third Sunday of Advent 

Series: Ritual Prayer

Text Source: Ant.: The Roman Missal 2010 or Simple Gradual; vv.: The Revised Grail Psalms

Number of Pages: 20

Difficulty Level: E/M

Vocal Forces: Two-part mixed, SAB, Cantor, Assembly

Instrumental parts included: Tambourine

Separate Instruments: Guitar

Accompaniment: Keyboard

Guitar: Yes

Language: English

Liturgical: Advent 1 A, Advent 1 B, Advent 1 C, Advent 2 A, Advent 2 B, Advent 2 C, Advent 3 A, Advent 3 B, Advent 3 C, Advent 4 A, Advent 4 B, Advent 4 C

Season: Advent

Recommended Occasions: Introit / Entrance Antiphon

Edition Format: Octavo

Copyright: Ant. © 1968, 2010 ICEL. Verses © 2010 Conception Abbey/The Grail, admin. GIA. Setting © 2014 GIA.