I Will Call God's Name

Parts 1 & 2

by Bonnie Faber

Item #: VHS-360     Status: Archived


Enhance your knowledge and skills as a cantor and singer. Enjoy and learn from the practical evaluation of participants. Experience the witness of cantors truly committed to their calling. In this important two-part video series, experienced cantors and workshop leaders Bonnie Faber and David Haas—along with 30 parish cantors—explore the practical, musical, and liturgical aspects of this ever-evolving ministry.

Part 1 includes: The Musical, Liturgical, and Pastoral Role of the Cantor - Evolution of the Cantor's Ministry - Posture - Repertoire - Breath - Children as Cantors - Use of Gesture - Leadership.

Part 2 includes: Vocal Resonance - Teach a New Song to the Assembly - Vowel Formation - Liturgical and Musical Forms - Use of the Jaw, Tongue, and Soft Palate - Spirituality for the Cantor - Repertoire - Images for the Cantor's Ministry.

Format: VHS