I Will Bring You Home

Songs of Prayer, Stories of Faith: Reflections on 40 Years of Liturgical Composition

by David Haas

Edited By: Jennifer Kerr Breedlove Budziak

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I Will Bring You Home brings together in one place a tremendous collection of story, humor, and history. Within these pages we hear testimony from one of the most prolific and best-known composers in Roman Catholic worship today. David Haas has been putting music on the lips of the people of God for over four decades, and this book tells the story of how much of that music came to be. Here, in David’s own words, we hear the stories behind over 130 of his best-loved songs—how he came to write them, what they have meant to him and to others, and what was in his heart at the time of their creation.

‘We are called,’ as David wrote, ‘to love tenderly.’  But sometimes, we need to sing it to feel it and feel it to live it.  No one helps us along that path of love better than David Haas.  His work invites us to sing, feel and live a life of love.  No follower of the gospel could hope for more, and these stories help begin to tell us why.
Tim Shriver
Chairman of Special Olympics International, Washington DC


All in all, this book is many things: biographical, narrative of a musican's journey, a summary viewpoint of a generation in liturgical music creation, a glimpse inside creative processes, and a place to rest and reflect awhile as the voyage continutes (the song A Future with Hopeis the first entry). If it were only any one of these things, this would be a worthwhile book; that it is so much more makes it truly valuable.

Alan J. Hommerding, Pastoral Music Magazine, November 2018

David Haas talks about his latest project, I Will Bring You Home

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