I Received the Living God

Brett C Ballard


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Vocal Forces: Three-part choir, Cantor, Assembly

Accompaniment: Keyboard

Guitar: Yes

Series: Contemporary

Liturgical: OT 3 Year B, OT 25 Year A, OT 27 Year A, OT 3 Year C, OT 6 Year C, OT 5 Year B, OT 31 Year B, easter 4 Year B, OT 21 Year B, OT 20 Year B, OT 2 Year C, OT 19 Year B, easter 5 Year B

Rites: Confirmation, baptism

Topical: Thanksgiving, discipleship, eucharist, holy Thursday, joy, corpus Christi, communion, body and Blood of Christ

Number of Pages: 8

Language: English

Format: Octavo