Hymn Tunes of David Haas - Volume 1


by David Haas

Text Author: Mary Louise Bringle, Shirley Erena Murray, Adam M. L. Tice

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Contents: Why, O God? • Come, in Our Dark Time • O Blest Are You • Christ Is There!

Series: Celebration

Text Source: 1. "For Those Who Cannot Find a Way," Adam M. L. Tice; 2. Shirley Erena Murray; 3. Mary Louise Bringle; 4. "When There Is Goodness," Adam M. L. Tice

Number of Pages: 12

Difficulty Level: E

Vocal Forces: Unison, Assembly

Separate Instruments: C Instrument, Trumpet I in B-flat, Trumpet I in C, Trumpet II in B-flat, Trumpet II in C, Horn in F, Trombone I, Trombone II

Accompaniment: Keyboard

Guitar: Yes

Bible Reference: 3. Matthew 5:3-11

Language: English

Liturgical: 3. All Saints

Topical: 1. Fear, Grief, Hope, Lament, 2. Comfort, Funeral, Grief, 3. Wedding, 4. Discipleship, Incarnation, Jesus Christ, Joy, Presence of God

Recommended Occasions: 2. Order of Christian Funerals, 3. Marriage

Tune Name: Why, Lockwood, Hermanage, Pishnero

Ensemble/Orchestration: Quartet

Scored for: Brass, Mixed Ensemble, Woodwinds

Edition Format: Octavo

Copyright: Music © 2017 GIA. Words: 1. © 2013; 3. © 2006; 4. © 2015 GIA. 2. © 2011 Hope Publishing Co.