How to Make a Good Choir Sound Great DVD - DVD

Creative Positioning of Singers

Charlene Archibeque


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Charlene Archibeque
Professor Emeritus San Jose State University

Barbara Berner
Artistic Director
The St. Louis Children’s Choirs
Concert Choir

Brandon Williams
Ladue Middle School
Treble Chamber Singers

Trent Patterson
Webster University Chamber Singers
Webster University Concert Choir

Amy Krinke
Lee’s Summit West High School
Chamber Choir


This remarkable DVD presents a systematic approach to improving the sound of choirs of all ages, types, and stages of development. From vocal warm-ups to rehearsals to culminating performances, this DVD provides a step-by-step guide to help choral ensembles to reach their full potential.
The key components are:

• Creative positioning of singers in rehearsals and performance

• Placement of individual singers (voice matching)

• Developing expressiveness through facial engagement, movement, and emotional connections to the text and music

In this DVD, many different standing positions are demonstrated and the numerous factors involved in deciding which position to use are discussed. Dr. Charlene Archibeque demonstrates unique placements that work in varied rehearsal situations, including standing, sitting, using risers, and dealing with a flat floor. She also explores the most effective positions for performance situations, taking into consideration the acoustics of the venue, the strengths and weaknesses of the choir, and the repertoire to be performed.

A focal point of this DVD is the demonstration of the decision-making process involved in the place- ment of individual singers within a section. Blend, balance, intonation, musicianship, and aural skills— as well as strength of each voice and timbre of each singer—are factors that affect these decisions. Unique “before and after” comparisons, suitable for showing to singers, highlight the contrasts prior to and after voice matching and/or positioning of singers for specific repertoire.

The powerful effects of capturing each singer’s innate expressiveness and imagination are displayed via contrasting examples of engaged and unengaged singing. This DVD, with its unprecedented combination of explanations, graphics, and singer demonstrations, offers a unique and valuable resource for both conductor-teachers and singers.


Categories: Musicianship, Rehearsal, Warm-Ups

Format: DVD

Discipline: Choir